Calling all bloggers!


We’re looking for bloggers to attend the launch of our fresh new PRYZM club in Watford !

If you write a blog or think of yourself as a social media influencer, and you’d like to be the first to see this shiny new venue, then let us know. Send a link to your blog and your details to- 


We are always looking to work with bloggers and influencers for fun events, club openings, cocktail masterclasses or to enjoy luxury VIP experiences and see some of the best DJs and live acts around!


Photos By ItsJustJoeB Photography |

Maybe you’re a mad Charlie Sloth fan or a serious cocktail lover or just enjoy a great night out with friends at the newest place in town, whatever you’re into if you’d like to get involved then send us an email with a link to your blog and let the fun begin!


Drop a line including a link to your blog to-