Bar & Beyond Comes to Sheffield!


The newest Bar and Club concept to hit the late night industry has come to Sheffield, and its looking mighty fine…


Bar & Beyond Sheffield combines the best of trendy cocktail bar and exclusive nightclub with delicious food thrown in for good measure.

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Opening early at 5pm for after work drinks and a tasty meal, you can’t beat the burgers and dogs and Bar & Beyond and if you’re looking for a special space to enjoy a party or work night out, then hire a private booth for the full VIP treatment.


After dark the ‘Beyond’ element of the space opens up to unveil a nightclub experience with unique design and amazing sound technology. You can dance the night away and enjoy the amazing cocktails and drinks that Bar & Beyond pride themselves on making.


So if you’re looking for a new and unique place to spend your evenings out then get yourself to Bar & Beyond Sheffield for a one of a kind experience that’s taking the city by storm.14915533_1794631797443275_4613280491992191982_n