Carlsberg create probably the best chocolate bar in the world…literally


Just in time for Easter, Carlsberg launched its “biggest experiential event” yet in the form of a chocolate pop-up bar to ensure people are “thinking about beer as much as they are thinking about chocolate”.

It was a fully functioning, three metre deep, pop-up bar containing chocolate versions of traditional British pub staples such as a chocolate dartboard and bar stools. Members of the public can also help themselves to a complimentary half-pint of ice-cold Carlsberg, served in a bespoke Carlsberg-engraved milk chocolate glass.

choco bar

Dharmesh Rana, Carlsberg’s senior brand manager for the UK told Marketing Week that this type of experiential marketing is great “for bringing a brand idea to life”.

He said: “It’s a great platform for us to take certain topics or aspects that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a beer brand or the beer category and engage with a broader audience.”

Well it certainly looks delicious and Beer and chocolate just happen to be our two favourite things at UKCN!