5 Stars We Want to See on James Corden’s Karaoke Carpool


Our friends over at Redbull love James Corden’s Karaoke Carpool just as much as we do! So they’ve told us which stars they’d like to see duetting with the Late Late show’s newest host next.

So the format of the show is simple: James Corden takes a drive with the biggest stars in music, and along the way the pair warble a few tunes. But it’s the performances that make it. Escaping paparazzi and screaming fans with a surprisingly funny Justin Bieber, rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse from Monster with a “ratchet” Adele, or (in the latest instalment) giving Chris Martin of Coldplay a lift to the Superbowl and hearing his incredible Mick Jagger impression – we love how game everyone is.

Here are five artists we’d like to see strap in with Corden:

1. Craig David

craig david

The resurgent UK garage crooner just slayed Jonathan Ross with Big Narstie, proving he’s still got the charm to ace primetime TV. It’d be a joy to hear Craig’s honeyed voice melt into Corden’s as they harmonized on Seven Days and Fill Me In. And we’d like to hear them have a crack at some covers too – Justin Timberlake’sCry Me A River perhaps? Big Narstie could come along too, although he’d have to sit in the back.

2. Rihanna

rihannas anti

This one would test of Corden’s chummy bonhomie – could he melt Rihanna’s ice queen exterior? But it’d be worth it if they clicked. If the roads are busy, a take onWhat’s My Name with Corden handling the Drake parts would be a must (“You’re just waiting on the traffic jam to finish, girl/The things we could do in 20 minutes, girl…”). And during a rousing take on Bitch Better Have My Money, they couldrecreate the video by kidnapping a wealthy society woman, tying her up and stick her in the trunk – although that might be a bit much for US primetime.

3. Stormzy


He’s spat lyrics in the park, spat them in the boxing ring before a heavyweight bout between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, and bizarrely, he’s even engaged in a rap battle with comedian Kevin Hart. Stormzy is everywhere, so it’s blatantly time for him to hop in Corden’s car. They’d have to pull out a ghetto blaster and do Shut Up, obviously – and this could lead into a bit of chat about the pair’s differing BRITS experiences: James Corden as divisive host, Stormzy as Kanye’s (OK, we’ll go there) “backup dancer”.

4. Joanna Newsom


The distinctively-voiced American harpist is running late, so James Corden picks her up from her luxurious Los Angeles estate. On the way, they take on some of the biggest hits of the day – Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, Major Lazer’s Lean On – with Newsom plucking away at her harp (sure, it’s big, but have you seen the size of American cars these days?). Then they park up at a harbour, board a ferry, and Newsom’s husband Andy Samberg (of The Lonely Island) joins them for a take onI’m On A Boat. Newsom does the T-Pain bits, obviously.

5. Boy Better Know


Could be a squeeze, but who wouldn’t want to see Skepta, JME, Jammer and Shorty being driven around the Hollywood Hills in a people carrier?


So who would you like to see in the next Karaoke Carpool?