How to wear the perfect poncho


It can be a difficult time of year, still too cold to leave the coat at home but all of a sudden the sun bursts through and your sweltering. So where do you turn to find a solution to this problem, well the poncho of course! and lets face it you can’t wear a poncho and not have a smile on your face…

Our favourite poncho’s at the moment are these hand made beauties from Lolo and Chatona.¬†With sumptuous earthy tones and bright bursts of colour these ponchos make every outfit look cool but keep you warm and cosy.

poncho 4poncho 3

Handmade in Columbia, they make us feel like a woodland pixie when they’re draped around our shoulders and ooze the nations culture and passion. Check out their story on Instagram


How to look badass in a poncho exhibited below-



poncho 5

Team with unique jewellery for the ultimate statement look.

poncho 2

We can’t get enough of them! one in every colour please! Get your hands on one of these perfect ponchos here- Lolo and Chatona