Rihanna Drops New Single ‘Work’ But Was it Worth the Wait?


So we’ve all been waiting a long time to see what Rihanna had up her sleeve in the way of new music and now she’s revealed her latest single to the world with ‘Work’ featuring Drake.

‘Work’ is the first single since Rihanna released ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ back in 2015 and is part of her newly completed album ‘Anti’.

But now we’ve all had a listen, what does everyone think about this latest offering? Well a common theme is one of confusion as to what the actual lyrics to the song are:

rihanna lyrics

First heard on BBC Radio 1 Scott Mills Show, the song received mixed reviews with someone describing it as ‘a cheese sandwich without the tomato ketchup’.

You can download the single on Tidal now and see for yourself whether its another winner for RiRi or a bit of a flop.