10 things that are so much better than a boyfriend on Valentines day!


Who needs an annoying, smelly boyfriend when you have all of this amazing stuff to occupy your time!?

1) Netflix


Every series worth watching and a trillion films you probably shouldn’t, but we all love a trashy rom-com so just settle down and enjoy!

2) Red Velvet Molten Lava Cakes

lava cake

Because look at that gooey goodness!

Get the recipes here 

3) Playing every Beyonce album ever at full blast

Whip that weave like you mean it and no one can tell you to stop!

3) Wine and more wine


Pour yourself a big old glass of red and give not a single f**k

4) Raspberry & Champagne Cupcakes

champs & raspberry cupcakes

Every word of their description just gets better!

Find out how to make these little beauties here

5) Harry Potter Box Sets

Nothing beats a Harry Potter binge, nothing!

6) Bubble baths


Having the sweet sweet smell of ‘me time’ success filling the room as every bath bomb Lush have ever made bubbles away in your bath.

7) Nutella

On toast, on pancakes, straight out of the tub, just get it into your face.

8) Having the time to enjoy your new hobby


All you need to do is enjoy your freedom, content in the knowledge that you’re kicking valentines day’s ass!

9) Having ALL of your friends over


Gathering all of your squad and getting ready for a night out is one of the best parts of being single.

10) Walking into the club ‘squad deep’ and giving valentines day the finger!

There’s no better feeling!


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