The Coolest Easter Egg In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


If you haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie then do not read this story there are spoilers in here! 

Right, now that those losers are out of the way let’s get down to business.


He’s pretty lowly one at that, he works in the sanitation department and has only seen battle once. He doesn’t even have a real name, just an identification number: FN2187.
Later, after his friend smears blood on his helmet, FN2187 realises the Dark Side is pretty dark and he switches teams. He gets a new name: Finn. It’s like FN but with an in in it.

It turns out that J.J Abrams wasn’t just pulling numbers out of the air. FN2187 is a nod to a previous Star Wars movie. Cast your mind back to A New Hope, when Princess Leia gets captured by the Galactic Empire and is held captive. Those were the days, eh.


Luke and Han showed up like a couple of badasses and rescued her…from cell 2187.
But then you didn’t think that George Lucas was just making up numbers the first time around, did you?

Lucas used the number in reference to 21-87, a short film by Arthur Lipsett, and one of Lucas’ biggest influencers when he was at the University of Southern California.

The short film is a collage of snippets from discarded footage found by Lipsett in the editing room of the National Film Board.