How to Handle a Hangover at Work!


The festive season brings with it the obligatory work Christmas do which is usually on a week day and dealing with the hangover whilst sitting at your desk is no easy task.

Here’s how to battle through your Christmas party sore head and make it out alive and still with your job!

One of the main cause of that thumping headache and aching body is dehydration, so if you didn’t manage to down a pint of water before you went to bed last night then drink one now. Staying hydrated throughout the day is a must so grab some coconut water or hydration tablets on your way in to work and keep sipping.

If you just have to start your day with a coffee to even consider being able to talk to your colleagues then go ahead and get your morning latte. This might help perk you up a little if you really haven’t had much sleep, but just make sure you don’t go over board because too much caffeine will make you jumpy and irritable.

Food! Now this really depends how bad that hangover is but eating some breakfast will help to kick start your body and bring you back to life. But be careful what you opt for, if you’re feeling sick then a big greasy fry up probably will probably just make things worse but a slice of toast or bowl of cereal should fill that void that only carbs can.


So now you’ve hydrated and had a bite to eat you actually have to get yourself to the office. If you’re lucky enough to live close to your work then try walking in as the fresh air will clear your head and make you feel a lot better. But if your getting the bus or train there is the risk of falling asleep, so if you feel yourself nodding off the either set your alarm so you wake up in time to get off or grab yourself an espresso!

fresha air

Once you make it through the doors half the battle is already over, there’s nothing worse than pulling a sicky after your work Christmas do and for ever being called a wimp when the rest of your office have made it in. But when you finally do make it in, do you tell your colleagues how bad your really feeling? Well if you’ve all been out then its ok to have a little chat about the night before and  that you’re feeling a tad ropey today, but don’t bang on about it. For some reason a lot of jobs expect you to enjoy your office Christmas party and the free bar that undoubtedly came along with it, and the somehow be fresh and ready to work the following day! So read the crowd, if everyone is suffering and making it known then its ok to wallow in your pain to, but if people seem to be getting their heads down and looking seemingly productive then you’re just going to have to put a brave face on.

If lunchtime comes around and you’re still feeling less than coherent then it may be time to resort to hair of the dog. Dr Mills says that there’s a school of thinking which says that one of the biggest parts of a hangover is methanol poisoning. Methanol (the kind of alcohol that can make you go blind) occurs in very small quantities in most alcoholic drinks. You can flush the methanol, the thinking goes, which binds to receptors in your brain, away with ethanol (which comprises the lion’s share of drinking alcohol) and you’ll feel better. So, a glass of a clean spirit such as vodka could set you up for the afternoon. But you probably shouldn’t let your boss see you doing a shot of vodka on your lunch break because that could look like you have some kind of problem and we don’t want that!

To make the rest of the afternoon go as quickly as possible try not to just sit and clock watch because the day will feel a  lot longer. Try getting stuck into an easy but time consuming task and put on some soothing music to drown out the ear splitting telephone ringing and Jason’s annoying laugh that only make your headache seem worse and the day will be over before you know it. As soon as the office door shuts behind you its ok to celebrate!

If you want to make sure your Christmas party is somewhere everyone can enjoy then speak to one of our dedicated party planners and find out what they can do for your work Christmas party.