10 Ways To Actually Enjoy Your Office Christmas Party


Office Christmas parties get a bit of a bad rap in our eyes, but perhaps the years of dried up vol au vents and drunken bosses doing the macarena, have something to answer for. That’s not how we like to do things at UKCN!

So if you’re dreading your office Christmas party, then try these 10 ideas on for size and see your dreary office party turn into a night you might actually enjoy!

1. Its a day off from the usual spreadsheets and emails. So that’s got to be a score straight off the bat! Make the most of the fact that instead of sitting at your desk all day, you can eat mince pies and pull party poppers whilst drinking alcohol to your hearts content! Sounds good to us.


2. And that brings me neatly to number 2…you can drink alcohol and usually from a free bar, so pretty much unlimited, free alcohol. Now although this is great and will make the awkward colleague mingling much much easier, there is of course an advisory warning with this one. Snogging your boss or Jim from IT will not make this party more enjoyable, although at the time it may feel like a good idea, you will not enjoy Monday morning! So drink and be merry but not too merry and keep your hands to yourself!

3. Office Christmas parties are a great place to schmooze and network. Its the one time you can actually get to know your seniors outside of the work environment and this is great for career progression. Find out what they do in their spare time or if you have any similar likes or dislikes and make the most of this great opportunity to get on your bosses good side. You may have a similar hobby and they might event invite you along next time and just ignore anyone who says your a suck up because you’ll have the last laugh when that promotion comes along.

4. Buy something new to wear! The office Christmas do is a great excuse to buy something new because you definitely want to turn up smart for this one unless stated otherwise of course, the classic Christmas jumpers might be on the cards. But its a perfect opportunity to buy that new dress you’ve been drooling over or those new shoes and dress to impress, because being the office hotty for the night will do wonders for you self esteem and possibly your career!

5. Make a new friend. Perhaps you’re bored of Jacqui who sits next to you and Simon opposite whose jokes are becoming rather tedious. Well use the office do to make a new work friend. You never know, Mike from accounts might be a massive Arsenal fan and together you could end up analysing last nights match and hey presto- new work friend.

6. Food glorious food! More often than not you’re going to be eating and usually its the best kind of naughty party food or if your lucky even a full Christmas dinner, now who wouldn’t want free food? Its one less night of cooking, so consume to your hearts content and think not about the calories in that party mix or mince pie because eating is obligatory at office parties and you don’t want to be considered rude now do you?

7. Blame it on the boogie! If you’re lucky enough that your work has organised your Christmas party at a nightclub or bar then there is going to be dancing! But this isn’t a reason to cringe oh no, this is the perfect excuse to sidle away from Bob from account and his lecture on the weather and bust some serious moves. Perhaps even start a conga and be considered the office fun guy!


8. Get caught up on the office gossip. After a few sherries you can find anything out, so use this opportunity to find out that juicy bit of gossip you’ve heard being whispered around the office or who’s snogged who at the last Christmas do. Or if you want to be more of the evil genius about it, then why not find your biggest work rival and after plying them with champagne, get them to spill the beans on how they won the Heinz account, you might be surprised how easy it is to get people to blab after a few bevies. But don’t use the information against them, because you never know when they might get you back!

9. Show off your party tricks! We’ve all got at least one and what better place to whip it out than at your office Christmas do…the party trick that is, don’t be whipping anything else out! Its the ideal scenario- you’ve got a captive audience who are undoubtedly a little bored and looking for some serious entertainment and they’ve all had a few. So cue you and your amazing skills and just await the applause and months of recognition back in the office. Just make sure its nothing too weird or involving the boss because that will turn awkward very quickly.


10. Sing like you’ve never sung before! Its a Christmas party so there will be karaoke its a given, so get involved. Whack on your favourite Beyonce number and let them have it! Far from this being embarrassing, it’s what everyone has been waiting for and trust us you’ll find the experience very freeing and perhaps it’ll be your new favourite past time.

So there you have it, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your office Christmas party if you give it a chance. But if you let our dedicated party planners organise it for you at one of our many UKCN venues dotted all across the UK, then this year will be one Christmas party you really will want to be at. Head over to your favourite UKCN venue website and see what we can do to make your office party the best one yet!