Don’t miss out on the countries best freshers’ events!


You don’t need to miss out on a single freshers event with UKCN! You can view all the events happening at your local UKCN venue and book tickets, reserve a booth and even choose the drinks you want to be delivered straight to your table in a few simple clicks.


With our fantastic club packages you and your friends can jump the queue and be certain that your night out will be the best possible clubbing experience at the best possible price! No waiting in the cold for you anymore!

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And with booths at varying sizes, if you’ve got something to celebrate, we’ve got the VIP treatment for you no matter how big your party.


Whether you’re clubbing in Cardiff, partying in Plymouth or celebrating in Coventry we have venues all over the UK with massive acts from all over the world making sure your freshers is unforgettable.

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So head over to the UKCN club you want to party at and find out what freshers events are happening.