Blood Rave In Amsterdam Really Happening!


Now this is certainly a new one to us!-

Remember the opening scene from Blade where an underground techno rave is showered in blood? Well now it’s happening for real.

The unsurprisingly anonymous organisers apparently wanted to make Halloween as terrifying as possible for the people of Amsterdam, so they are looking to use real blood.

While it looks like the night is definitely going ahead, there seems to be problems in allowing a club to drench thousands of people in gallons of real blood.

Although this hasn’t yet been confirmed, they have reportedly already designed a sprinkler system capable of distributing blood to the dancefloor.

If you have no idea what Blade is and you want to see if this is your cup of tea, check out the scene below. Head over to their Facebook page to find out more [via NLTimes]

I think we’ll be giving this one a miss!