The Best Ten Cocktails in the World Revealed


The top ten were handpicked by jet setters through Elite Traveler magazine and the list features drinks served with opium sticks, in shoes… and the strongest cocktail in the world sold at a New York bar.
They are handpicked by some of the world’s wealthiest jet setters – but you would have to travel more than 25,000 miles if you wanted to try them all.

Elite Traveler magazine compiled the list of the ‘Top 10 most amazing cocktails in the world’ to tempt those with even the most expensive tastes.

The decadent drinks, served in bars from Sydney to London, and New York to Singapore, feature some of the most expensive highly rated liquor in the world.


Risque thirst-quencher: The Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan is prepared in a vintage shaker in the shape of a woman’s leg complete a high-heeled silver shoe at the Eau de Vie bars in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia


Something a bit different: The Vanilla Chocolate Malt is served in small pinta bottle at London’s OXO Tower.


The Ron Zacapa Blaze (right) is made using rum and Pedro Ximenez sherry at Sydney’s Eau de Vie bar

The magazine, which circulates to passengers using private jets to get around the world, consulted its panel of experts to come up with the list produced by mixologists and barmen from across the world.

Australia’s plush bars feature heavily on the list, rewarded for their inventive and extravagant use of ingredients.

Eau de Vie bars in Sydney and Melbourne are renowned for their Ron Zacapa Blazer concoctions.

The cocktail uses Ron Zacapa rum – rated as among the best in the world, Pedro Ximinez Sherry and Bitters.


Decadent: Forever Young cocktail is elaborately served behind a mirror and scented opium incense


Refreshing: The Paloma Hermosa is made from tequila, elderflower liqueur, fresh fruit and egg whites and served with edible flowers.


The Mulata Daisy is made from Bacardi, lime, fennel, dark creme de cacao liqueur and Galliana L’Autentico and served in a champagne bowl.


Sharp: New York’s Gin Palace serves this White Negroni that combines gin, Vermouth and Salers aperitif and is believed to be one of the strongest cocktails served in the world

But taste alone is not enough in the world of high-class drinkers.

The bars’ unique Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan also made the top ten.

The cocktail is made in a 1930’s vintage cocktail shaker shaped like a lady’s leg complete with high-heeled silver shoe.

It uses homemade Cranberry Sorbet and vintage Champagne to produce a creamy soft textured, chilled thirst quencher.

The duo of bars bagged a third spot in list with their Versaille Experience cocktail.

The cocktail is served in Absinthe Fountains, in which Tanqueray Gin and Absinthe are combined with pear, lemon, apple and mint.

London also has a healthy showing in the top ten.

The UK capital’s Artesian bar at the Langham serves the Forever Young cocktail made from Grey Goose Vodka, Martini Extra Dry, eucalyptus, maraschino and citrus.

But if that was not enough, it is served to customers with a small scented stick of Opium incense.

London’s Oxo Tower bar made the list for its Vanilla Chocolate Malt, using almond milk and Mozart Dry Chocolate spirit with vanilla sugar, malted milk and Absolut Vodka served in a little pinta type bottle.

The ‘Mulata Daisy’ at the Connaught Bar, London, featured in the top ten.

It combines Bacardi Superior Rum with freshly squeezed lime juice, fennel seeds, dark creme de cacao liqueur and Galliana L’Autentico.


Arty: Singapore’s Tippling Club serves the Dropje Daiquiri using salted licorice and Venezuelan rum


Fruity: The Cucumber Collins uses cucumber vodka, yuzu juice, fresh lemon and sake.


The Eau de Vie bars serve their cocktail in Absinthe Fountains.

Florida bar The Living Room’s take on the Cucumber Collins is popular with the jet setters.

It combines Square One Cucumber vodka, yuzu juice, fresh lemon and blueberry-stained cucumbers Mirlin, Sake and rice wine vinegar.

The bar had a second entrant in the top ten with its ‘Paloma Hermosa’ cocktail made from Tapatio Blanco tequila and St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit, lime, agave and egg whites, served up with lime wheels and edible flowers

The strongest cocktail on the list is served at New York City’s Gin Palace.

The ‘White Negroni’ has 114 proof gin, with blanco vermouth and Salers apertif.

The ‘Dropje Daiquiri’ at the Tippling Club Singapore completes the elite’s favourites and  salted licorice from Holland that is infused into a Venezuelan rum and then mixed with orange curagao and citrus.


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