Charlie Sloth Safari Tour


Charlie Sloth is in the middle of his latest Safari tour of UKCN venues. He’ll be making his way to PRYZM Bristol tonight so grab your tickets now and remember to get a mask or go all out with a full costume of the animal that best describes your behaviour in the club!


What Animal Are You In The Club?
  you sit proud in VIP surrounded by bottles, unfazed by anything
 Hyena   you’re hungry, you find weak prey and circle it.
 Tiger   you’re thirsty, but not desperate. You got more game than Hyenas.
 Penguin   when you’re not standing against the wall, you’re just waddling around the venue.
 Giraffe   you’re always looking for some nibbles and watching everyone.
 Elephant   you drink non stop and are always drunk.
 Bear   you get drunk quick and just start looking for a fight! CHILL!
 Peacock   you’re that person who over dresses and thinks they all that.
 Warthog   you the ugly friend always tryina stop you’re friends from mating.
 Rhino   when your song comes on, you steam onto the dancefloor bumping everyone in your way.
 Parrot   you’re always mimicking others dance moves and swag. We see you.
 Llama   you love to play hard to get. make eye contact then look away unbothered.
 Flamingos   you and your girls on a hen night.
 Tortoise   you’re that older person who should maybe be at home with your family.
 Vulture   you’re floating around just waiting for an easy steal on drinks.
 Snake   you always have your eye on next mans girl, when noones looking you slide into her personal space like “heyyyyy”
 Leopard   you’re a stalker, you play the very very long game.
 Chameleon   you bring a change of outfit, just in case.
 Seal   you that lean back type of dancer, on the fringe clapping and vibesing but getting on the dancefloor is long for you.

Let us know below which animal you are and please tweet @CharlieSloth if you think of anymore and hashtag #CharlieSlothsSafariTour

Next on the tour are Casino Guildford 19th June and Liquid & Envy Uxbridge 27th June!