Joanna’s Musings- Music Snobs


Hey, I’m Joanna. A girl with opinions, who loves nothing more than to write about these and share her thoughts with the world! I’ll be writing about a different topic every week – please feel free to send suggestions! – and would love to hear what you think. 

Is there such a thing as bad music?

I’m always a little hesitant (read, embarrassed) to reveal my music tastes. Mainly because ever since I was a kid, my choices have been met with scorn and disappointment.

You see, my music tastes are deeply uncool. My love affair with boy bands started at a young age, and has never really left. I have seen Westlife in concert more times than I care to admit (when I was a teenager obvs, not as an actual adult), but even now, seeing 5ive at a 90’s reunion concert is enough to reduce me to ecstatic tears, and my iPhone is crying out for me to play anything other than Taylor Swift (Whom I utterly adore by the way).

Even though my tastes were – and still are, I’m sure –  shared by a large number of people, I have always felt looked down upon because of my preferences. Like I’m not intelligent enough to appreciate ‘proper’ music or that I don’t understand what real music should sound like. The assumption being that just because my favourite band can’t play 50 instruments between them and appreciate a good key change/stool-rise moment, I should really take a good hard look at myself.

We all know a music snob – the type that only likes to listen to music that nobody else has heard of, and prides themselves on finding new and undiscovered artists. And that’s great. Good for them. But just because the music I like caters for a mass market, that doesn’t mean that my opinions about the subject are any less valid. I don’t just like it because everybody else does; I’ve made that choice for myself. Plus, that many people can’t be wrong. Right?

I also strongly believe that all music serves a purpose. After all, where would we be without trashy Euro-pop and the Eurovision Song Contest? Graham Norton would be out of a job for one thing, and I for one, don’t want that on my conscience.

I think what it comes down to is the question: “What makes music good?”. In my opinion, it’s any music that makes you happy and makes your heart sing. Or music that makes you have a really good cry when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Or music that beautifully describes something that you’re feeling but can’t put into words. Or music that reminds you of your first love when you were 17 (Bon Jovi – Always, FYI). Good music is any music that makes you feel. In my opinion anyway. And what do I know, hey? I’ve been to a Steps concert…